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Legalspot empowers lawyers and law firms toseamlessly organize and sharetheir legal structures.

Join thousands doing their legal stuffproperly.

law firm collaboration

Built-in management & collaboration tools for your law firm

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A single source of truth for all legal documentation made for clarity, so you know with precision where your company and client’s documents are.


See your legal structure designed specifically for law firms and company owners and see your legal like never before.

Share and Deliver
share & deliver

Document collaboration in-house for a more intuitive and time-saving business-to-lawfirm experience that delivers results.

our solutions

Digitalize your legal workflow

document management

Modernize how you manage your legal paperwork

Store and share your legal documents with your lawyers without hassle.

For Companies

customer relationships

Streamline your customers' experience

Deliver results that help your firm build better relationships with your clients.

For Law Firms

Start managing your legal documents

Legalspot makes it easy to organize any law firm

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